Product Features
The Diazyme enzymatic CO2 assay is a single vial liquid stable reagent system which has a neutral pH, minimizing the effect of CO2 ab­sorption from the air. In addition to a highly stable NADH analog as a co-factor the reagent maintains integrity by rebuilding key reagent components as required for optimal performance.  The reagent provides remarkable full month of calibration curve stability and an 18 month stability claim from date of manufacturer.  The assay is linear up to 50 mmol/L and is highly precise with intra and inter %CV <3.0%. Packaged for optimal operator convenience, reagent transfer can be eliminated for most chemistry systems with instrument specific packaging options including Roche Hitachi 917 series, Olympus AU (400/600/640/680), Beckman Synchron CX, LX and DXC. 

Assay Principle
The Diazyme enzymatic CO2 assay is based on two coupled enzyme reactions including phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase (PEPC) and malate dehydrogenase (MDH) with a stable NADH analog as the co-factor. 

Intended use
For the quantitative in vitro determination of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) content in human plasma or serum. Plasma CO2 is decreased in metabolic acidosis and respiratory alkalosis, whereas the plasma level of CO2 is increased in metabolic alkalosis and respiratory acidosis. 


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