a-Fetoprotein (AFP), the foetal equivalent to albumin, is a 67 kDa glycoprotein produced during embryonic development and found in high concentrations in foetal serum and amniotic fluid. In normal non-pregnant adults AFP is present in low concentrations in serum. However AFP may be markedly increased in the serum from patients with cancer of the liver, testis or ovary. Quantitative determination of AFP in serum may be valuable in the management of patients with suspected or diagnosed liver cancer or germ cell tumours of the testis or ovary (1, 2).


Results within:

2 hours

Detection limit:

< 0.5 µg/L

Measuring range:

0.5–500 µg/L
(may be extended by sample dilution)

Sample volume:

25 µL

Hook effect:

No hook up to 9.000 µg/L


18 months at 2-8°C

Standard range:

0–500 µg/L

Incubation temp:

20 - 25°C


90 - 106 %


620 nm or 405 nm

Inter assay CV:

< 2%