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    2014.01.16 12:06
    about it. Not that I'm a bad mouth - to try here . We have certainly

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    familyfor long before we turned up Wal -Mart.

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    Helen 's father organized hisranch and family as a partnership , and Helen and her brothers were all partners. They all do that tookturns Ranch books

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    was broke . I remember one time wewere

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    fly from New Yorkon a commercial flight going to

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    our friends at the limited inColumbus see Ohioand suddenly

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    The kids have so much over the years as

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    " But sometimes I 'm asked why today, when

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    Wal- Mart was so successful if we a $


    50 billion -plus company, should we stay so cheap

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    it's easy: because we
    At first I thought it

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    was going to be bad for my relationship with

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    the staff in the stores . But I found

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    like : I think that my
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