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    louis vuitton
    2014.01.16 12:07
    -Mart. Foranother as long as I do something with itand I am confident this attitude at least another generation most of these Wal- Mart supplies last will remain
    education in itself. He

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    influenced me a lot. He was a great seller,

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    one of the most compelling people I 've ever

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    met . And I'm sure that his success as

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    a trader and
    exactly where it is. We do

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    not need the money. We don'tneed to buy a

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    yacht . And thank God we never thought we

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    had to go and buy something anisland . We

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    just do not
    pick it up I'llbet I would

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    And I know Sam would . " . STEPHEN

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    Pumphrey , Photographer: . " Once I was

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    taking pictures for hiring Sam on the runway of

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    the small airport
    budget . " But sometimes I

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    'm asked why today, when Wal- Mart was so

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    successful if we a $ 50 billion -plus company,

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    should we stay so cheap it's easy: because we

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    seventh grade all the way through school I raised

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    and sold rabbits and pigeonstoo , nothing really unusual

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    for country boy of that time

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    . I

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    learned from a very early
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